Anything you need to know about Snus



The growing concerns over smoking and the dangers it could bring to an individual brought about wide attention globally. Be it first hand or second hand smoking, cigarette ban and precautionary health measures are being undertaken anywhere despite the great challenges of maintaining a smoke-free environment. However, there’s a challenge in the use of snus or Swedish snus or snuff. What exactly is snus that would interest you the most? What makes it different from typical smoking or is there really any difference?

Where could I buy Snus?

Similar to coffee fanatics, those who love to smoke have various tastes for snus or snuff. The use of snus was very popular since the 1500s, an additive moist oral and ground tobacco with 4 major ingredients—water, salt, selected tobaccos and food-based substance that preserves the moist and the flavor in the snus. This ground tobacco is mainly selected and manufactured in Sweden through heat-process resulting to the neutralization of the micro-organisms. The unique Swedish snus manufacturing promotes longevity and increase in freshness of the snus allowing users to enjoy its tastes.

Where could I buy Snus?

Snus use

snus is an economic booster in Scandinavian countries where it’s commonly found and manufactured. Usually, snus is sold in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. While smoking is relatively of a male practice, Sweden’s battle over a smoke-free environment gave rise to snus use even for women. Some of the researches made related to snus-use indicate that there was a decline in the use of cigarette among males while snus use increases since 2005. You can order snus to US online where many assosiate snus with Swedish snuff.

Aside from the fact that smoking is highly prohibited since 2005, campaigns against smoking and cigarette promotions were banned from the country. It’s important to consider that Sweden is a country that’s reportedly has the largest consumption of snus not because it’s manufactured mainly in the country but tradition-wise, snus consumption has been predominantly practice here since the 1700s. Moreover, cigarette advertisers and sponsors are being taxed higher in Sweden considering the fact that they cannot even promote cigarettes in Sweden thus making cigarette promotion really hard to penetrate the market since 2005.

Effectively use snus

snus use, an alternative cigarette smoking option has been established greatly in Sweden mainly due to the increased health-issue awareness among smokers. Based from a 2001 study, there were around 3 million snus users and half of these populations are former cigarette smokers and just 10% of the same populations are women. Nevertheless, snus use is still considered safer than cigarette mainly because of the following reasons:

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- snus is a substance intended not to be exhaled because of its steam-cured composition
- There’s a lower nitrosamines in snus compared to cigarette

To effectively use snus, you can place it in between the upper lip and the gum. Depending on your taste and preference, you can keep the snus beneath your upper lip for minutes or hours though for most users and better consumption, 30 minutes is highly recommended. You can purchased either loose snus that’s portioned into small cylinder and can be applied through the use of fingertips. The other type can be purchased by pouches into mini/small, normal or large amount. The pouched snus is easier to use because the user can easily remove the pouch off his/her mouth.

This smokeless tobacco comes in various tastes and flavors users could enjoy the most. Some of the flavors available for you are coffee vanilla, icemint, wintergreen and cranberry. Alternative flavors such as malt whisky and citrus zest flavor can be purchased. For around €2.50-€6.00, you can purchase a 50g snus and this amount gives you 20 pieces of pouched snus in mini or small portions.